Zainab Balogun Husband, Instagram, Marriage, Wedding Party, Wedding and Pictures

Zainab Balogun Husband

Zainab Balogun Husband

Zainab Balogun husband is Dikko Nwachukwu. Dikko is the owner of Jetwest airlines. Dikko who was the former Chief Commercial officer of Aero Contractors is a widower whose former wife died in 2015 leaving behind two handsome sons.

Zainab has described Dikko as “the definition of partnership, of kindness, of love, of understanding”. According to her, she doesn’t even have to beg for Dikko’s attention and he loves what she does for a living and he is very supportive.

Zainab Balogun Age

Zainab Balogun was born on the 10th of October 1989 in London, United Kingdom.

Zainab Balogun Instagram

Zainab Balogun runs an Instagram account with the username @zainabbalogun. She currently has 203k followers, 582 following and has made a total of 3626 posts as at the time of filing this report. She posts regularly about her professional and acting activities. On her Instagram profile, she describes herself as an actor, brand influencer and a ‘part-time superhero’.


Zainab Balogun Marriage

Zainab Balogun shocked the entertainment world in May 2018 when she tied the knot with Dikko Nwachukwu. They got traditionally wedded on the 13th of May 2018 in Lagos, Nigeria. The couple started out out as friends as they were linked up by Chigul, a popular Nigerian comedienne. Chigul whose real name is Chioma has actually matched-makedĀ  friends who have ended up getting married so the case of Zainab and Dikko was just another one of her “match-making achievement”.

Zainab never envisaged that her marriage will occur so quickly which makes her the step-mum to Dikko’s two sons. For Zainab it has always been about connections and she never dated guys for what they had or what they could give her. Having been introduced to Dikko by Chigurl after she told her (Zainab) that Dikko really liked her. So Zainab and Dikko met, had coffee. She wasn’t really sure so she told him that they should just become good friends. They really bonded after a period of time as they enjoyed communicating to each other more frequently.

Revealing her first experience meeting Zainab’s children, at first she was Aunty Zainab and her husband told her that the kids really liked her. She was like how can you tell and Dikko was like “They are performing for you”. And the kids won’t normally do that. A moment will not forget was when she told the kids that she was getting married to their dad. It was such a special moment. The kids were sitting down and she was recording without their knowledge. When she asked how they would feel if she become s their mother. It was so wierd and the children burst into tears and it finally made sense to Zainab.


That event strengthened the relationship between Dikko and Zainab and they started spending more time together and doing more fun stuffs together. Their relationship was kept private from the media before making if official with their family and friends as witnesses.

Zainab’s Parents

Zainab Balogun parents raised her in London. Zainab is from an extended family. Zainab spent a large chunk of her formative years growing up with relatives and due to the nature of her mother’s job, she moved around quite alot.

Zainab’s Pictures

Zainab Balogun is something of a fashion icon for some in the entertainment industry and she always tries to dress decently. We take a look at some of those her pictures which make us fall in love with her on a regular basis.