Checkout list of profitable Businesses anyone can start up in Lagos State with little Capital

Startup Business in Lagos

Startup Business in Lagos

Startup Business in Lagos. If Lagos State were to be a country, it would be the fifth largest economy in Africa so it only makes sense for anyone in Nigeria and the world as whole who intends to attract a large customer base to consider claiming a space in the Lagos buoyant economy.

Startup Business Nigeria
Economic Capital: Theresa May, Prime Minister of UK visited Lagos state on her 3-day Africa Visit

There’s no doubt that ideas rule our universe. Therefore this post seeks to highlight and explain the different businesses an individual can startup in Lagos State. So without much ado let’s take a look.

Daycare Business

Parents always need to make a living after bringing a child into the world. The amount of money daycare centers in Lagos State make is actually unbelievable.


Nigerian Daycare
Daycare is one of the profitable businesses to start in Lagos State

If you have an easy going with children or even have a degree in Childhood Studies, then there is no plausible reason why you shouldn’t give daycare business a try.

Dry Cleaning Business

In terms of the fastest growing businesses in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole now, Dry Cleaning business is a dark horse. The stress in Lagos state has made it so much so that most workers have little or no time or strength to wash and iron their clothes.

Dry Cleaning Nigeria
Dry Cleaning Business is a booming business in Lagos State and Nigeria as a whole.

The business involves record keeping so you do not mix up your clients clothes.  If you are hardworking and attentive to detail then you can engage in this very profitable business.

Start a Tricycle (Keke) Service

With an ever increasing population of more than 16 million people, engaging in transportation business in Lagos is one sure route to make money. In some areas the government has banned motorcyle (Okada) from operating.

Keke Napep Nigeria
Lucrative: Tricycle (Keke Napep) operators in Lagos make a whole lot of money due to high population of people in Lagos State

A hardworking tricycle service operator should be making more than N2,000 a day. It is one of the easiest business to start on this list because it only requires you to learn how to drive a tricycle –  which is not difficult.

Become a Fitness and Massage Instructor

The number of celebrities and showbiz personalities in Lagos keep increasing daily. And the thing common with these celebrities is that they need to keep fit!. Most of these celebrities especially models would not mind parting with their cash to employ a very good fitness instructor.

Fitness Instructors in Nigeria
Keeping Fit: Fitness Instructors are in high demand in Lagos state due to the presence of celebrities and models in Lagos State

On the other hand the stress level of the older generation in Lagos is on the increase due to the poor roads and substandard living conditions of a vast majority thus most of these elderly people need a massage instructor to satisfy their orthopaedic needs and heal diseases and injuries to their bodies skeletal system.

Start Real Estate Agent Service

Accommodation is a major challenge in Lagos because of the population overflow. The cool thing is that if you are honest, you are going to make a whole lot of money for yourself. Another advantage of this business is that it requires no capital to startup.

Real Estate Nigeria
Honesty and High powered relationships is the key to succeeding in the Real estate Agency business

Some Lagos dwellers are in search of better accommodation while others may be desperately seeking for a new home and all these could put good cash in your pocket. Startup Business in Lagos.

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Start a Haulage Service

Lagos State and Nigeria as a whole has a very ineffective rail system and this can be your gain. Goods are produced everyday in Lagos and they must be transported to the distributors and consumer for consumption.

Haulage Services in Lagos Nigeria
Dark Horse: Not many Nigerians know that Haulage business in Lagos State is very lucrative whether small scale or large scale

Even individuals that are moving to a new home need haulage services to move their belongings to their new home. The drawback of this business however is that it requires a relatively huge amount of capital. Startup Business in Lagos.

Start a Photography/Videography Business

Photography business is one of the fastest growing business of our time. From taking passport photograph to taking photo shoots of birthday and wedding celebrants.

Photography Nigeria
The main requirements for this business are your camera and laptop to edit your pictures

Lagosians do wedding every weekend and guess what, they need photos. all you need is a camera and a laptop and some basic Photoshop skills to help you edit the pictures you take.

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