Oge Okoye Age, Husband, Movies, Mother, State of Origin, First Movie and her Net Worth

Oge Okoye Age

Oge Okoye Age

Oge Okoye Age. She was born on the 16th of November 1980 in London.

Oge Okoye Age
Oge Okoye is a very famous Nollywood Actress

Oge Okoye Husband

Oge Okoye husband is Stanley Duru. He is a businessman in Holland. Stanley Duru hails from Imo State. He and Oge met while she was shooting a movie in a club and according to her, when he saw the dress Oge was putting he concluded that she was a prostitute but his friend put him right telling him that Oge was an actress who was just shooting a movie. After waiting for her to finish shooting, the couple exchanged contacts, one thing led to another and they got married.

Oge Okoye Husband
Oge Okoye is a proud mother of two beaytiful kids

But as typical of most Nollywood marriages, Oge Okoye’s marriage did not stand the test of time. She once revealed in an interview that marriage has taught her maturity and she has learned to be more patient because of the children too. And it has not been easy shuttling between raising children and working on her acting career. Oge Okoye Age.

Oge Okoye Movies

Though she began acting in 2001, Oge Okoye has established herself as a prominent actress.

Oge Okoye Movies
Oge Okoye on a set in a movie

Some of her movies include:

1. Blood Sisters

2. Spanner

3. Magic Love

4. Handsome

5. Forever Yours

6. Sister Mary

7. My Command

8. Beautiful Faces

9. Arsenal

10. I Believe in You

11. Sister Mary

12. My Desire

13. Little Angel

14. Indecent Girl

15. Spanner Goes To Jail

16. Separate Lives

17. Spanner 3

18. Beyond Passion

19. Black Bra

20. 11:45… Too Late

21. Desperate Love

22. Crazy Passion

23. Every Single Day

24. Emotional Birthday

25. Eagle’s Pride

26. It’s Juliet or No One

27. The Girl is Mine

28. Friends & Lovers

29. Face of Africa

30. Orange Groove

31. Paradise to Hell

32. To Love and Live Again

33. Troublemaker

34. The Snake Girl

35. War Game

36. Blackberry Babes

Oge Okoye Mother

Oge Okoye mother is Mrs Lolo Okoye. When speaking of her mother, Oge said her mum always thought she would be a model only for her to end up in the thespian trade where she has made a name for herself.

Oge Okoye State of Origin

Oge Okoye is from Anambra State, Nnewi precisely. She also had her tertiary education in Anambra State.

Oge Okoye Age
Oge Okoye as a little girl

Though prior to this, she had read Accountancy in Enugu State University for a year before dropping out to study Theater Arts in the renowned Nnamdi Azikiwe University. Oge Okoye Age.

Oge Okoye Net Worth

Oge Okoye is noty just a Nigerian actress, she is also a British citizen. Because of her numerous movie works, she has some awards to her name. According to 360dopes.com, Oge Okoye is worth a whooping $1 million.

Oge Okoye Net Worth
Oge Okoye and comedian, Funny Bone

Oge Okoye First Movie

Oge Okoye’s first movie is Spanner. The movie featured Chinedu Ikedieze and Nkem Owoh and it was a blockbuster film, since it was her first time, she a bit nervous to act alongside Nkem Owoh who was already a household name at that time.

Oge Okoye First Movie
Oge Okoye and her Nollywood colleagues

Since then she has featured in many other movies which has sealed her reputation as one of the most bankable actresses in Nollywood. Oge Okoye Age.