Nkem Owoh Movies, Wife, Biography, Son, Songs and his Age

Nkem Owoh Movies

Nkem Owoh Movies

Nkem Owoh movies. He made his claim to fame in the screen adaptation of Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. The 1987 series had a span of about 50 minutes and had about fifty episodes was aired on Nigeria Televison Authority (NTA).

Nkem Owoh Movies
Nkem Owoh on set with Funke Akindele in “Jenifa”

And as Nollywood began to gain momentum, he acted alongside Sam Loco and Patience Ozokwor in Ukwa 1 & 2 in 1995. Some of his movies include:

  1. Things Fall Apart
  2. Annuebe
  3. Sawam
  4. Conspiracy
  5. Big Man, Big Trouble
  6. Ifeonye Metalu
  7. Onye Eze
  8. Fake Doctor
  9. Spanner
  10. Ukwa
  11. Police Officer
  12. Long John
  13. Osuofia In London
  14. Mr Trouble
  15. My Driver
  16. Lion Finger
  17. Police Recruit
  18. My Own Share
  19. Akanchanwa
  20. The Master
  21. Spanner Goes To Jail
  22. The Prince
  23. Bus Driver
  24. Osuofia In London 2
  25. Foreign Base
  26. Indemnity
  27. A Fool At 40
  28. Captain
  29. Made In Cambridge
  30. The Dreamer
  31. The Barrister
  32. Battle Of Indemnity
  33. Johnbull and Rosekate
  34. Covenant Keeping God
  35. My Kingdom Come
  36. Lionsheart
  37. Persecution
  38. Wonderful Man
  39. His Holiness
  40. De Prof
  41. Chief Daddy
  42. Yogo Pam Pam
  43. Rattle Snake
  44. Taboo
  45. Chief Daddy

Nkem Owoh Wife

Nkem Owoh wife is Ngozi Nkem Owoh. The pair got married in 1998 and they are blessed with two wonderful daughters. Because she stays out of the public glare most of the times, not much is known about Ngozi Nkem Owoh and that she very supportive of her husband.

Nkem Owoh Wife
Nkem Owoh with his adorable daughters

Though her husband travel around the world most times, Ngozi is understanding as she sees that Nkem Owoh is passionate about his thespian job. However whenever Nkem Owoh is free from his busy schedule, the family spend time together. Nkem Owoh Movies.

Nkem Owoh Biography

Nkem Owoh is a veteran Nollywood actor, comedian and singer. Born in Amagu village in Udi local government in Enugu State, Nkem had his primary and secondary school education before proceeding to the renowned University of Ilorin to study Electrical Engineering. Even during his time while studying in Ilorin he was already acting in various films and television productions.

Nkem Owoh Biography
Nkem Owoh doing make-up in preparation for a movie role

Being a celebrity screen actor, not many people know that Nkem Owoh has tried his hands on several different professions. At one point inĀ  his life during his youthful days he was heading to professional football and at another time in his life he wanted to commit his life to the mechanical drudgery, grease and oil of the engineering workshop.

Nkem Owoh Biography
Nkem Owoh is a fantastic movie role interpreter

Acting had always been natural for Nkem Owoh and accordimg to him, scripts just act as guidelines. He had a tango with the Anambra State Broadcasting Service (ASBS) before he gained admission into the University of Ilorin and after completing his mandatory NYSC program in Ogun State, he went back into broadcasting writing for the likes of Tales By Moonlight, Bassey and Company, Memorial Hospital, New Masquerade and others. Nkem Owh has proven over the years that he is a gifted filmmaker, producer and music composer.

Nkem Owoh Son

Nkem Owoh has no son as far as we know. He only has two daughters with his wife as I stated earlier. The names and occupation of his daughters are even unknown to the public. The only time the public was able to see them was when Nkem Owoh came to renew his endorsement deal with MTN.

Nkem Owoh Son
Nkem Owoh is a brand ambassador for MTN

The daughters were looking quite beautiful and everyone realised that Nkem and his wife had really good genetics. Nkem Owoh Movies

Nkem Owoh Songs

Nkem Owoh is also a very go musician. Known for his hit song – I Go Chop Your Dollars, though the song was later banned by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission because the lyrics encouraged advanced fee fraud, the song was featured in The Master, a movie in which Nkem Owoh played the role of a fraudster.

Nkem Owoh Songs
Nkem Owoh with his little fans

Nkem Owoh was however arrested in Netherlands in 2007 while performing in a musical show in Bijlmermeer neighborhood located in Amsterdam Zuidoost borough. Over 111 people were arrested in the raid on susoicion of immigration violation and lottery fraud. Nkem was later released.

Below are some of his adorable songs:

  1. Agreement
  2. I Go Chop Your Dollars
  3. Susanna
  4. Know Me When I’m Poor
  5. Mama No Know ‘N’ Pikin Again
  6. Chop Your Dollar

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Nkem Owoh Age

Nkem Owoh was born on the 7th of February 1958.