Nancy Isime Marriage, Movies, Age, Haircut, Parents, Pictures and Boyfriend

Nancy Isime Marriage

Nancy Isime Marriage

Nancy Isime marriage. Though she is a beautiful woman, Nancy is not married. She should be in a serious relationship with a boyfriend. Though his name is not known to us, in an interview she revealed the type of man she could date.

Nancy Isime Marriage
Nancy Isime should be in a serious relationship with the man of her dreams

Nancy revealed that she could date an ambitious guy because an ambitious man is never jobless. She believes that there are guys who are industrious and are willing to do anything to make money. She said this because she wants the best for anybody she is in a relationship with be it a friend, family member or boyfriend. Nancy Isime marriage.

Nancy Isime Movies

1. Hire a Man

2. A Trip to Jamaica

3. A Better Family

4. Echoes

5. Omambla

6. Levi

7. Hire a Woman

Nancy Isime Age

Nancy Isime was born on the 17th of December 1991.

Nancy Isime Haircut

Nancy Isime rocks a special golden afro haircut which stands her out of the crowd. The afro is low cut with a curved shaping on the left part of her hair. The haircut is really nice. According to her, the hair isn’t a sign of maturity in the entertainment industry but she wanted to just style her hair then saw the hairstyle tried it, liked it and decided to keep it.


Nancy Isime Haircut
Nancy Isime rocks her special golden haircut with pride

Nancy Isime Parents

Nancy Isime Parents hail from Esan, Edo State. Nancy lost her mother at a very tender age and she was raised by her father, who she has described as a disciplinarian who basically taught her to behave properly, work hard and respect people. Nancy Isime grew up in Lagos and Edo state.

Nancy Isime Pictures

Nancy Isime is no doubt a top fashion icon in Nigeria. There is always something new to learn about fashion whenever she steps out. Though she doesn’t see her herself as one who embraces fashion trends and if you see her on what is trending, it’s probably because she loves it. Being comfortable and wearing what is comfortable are hat influences her style. But she never breaks the bank to look good. We take a look at some her inspiring pictures that bless us with fashion goals:

Nancy Isime Pictures Nancy Isime Pictures Nancy Isime Pictures Nancy Isime Pictures Nancy Isime Pictures Nancy Isime Pictures Nancy Isime Pictures Nancy Isime Pictures

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Nancy Isime Boyfriend

In the matter of a boyfriend, Nancy believes that any man who is jobless or broke has no business being in a relationship because it takes away his focus as a man. As a struggling man, one should be able to sit down and focus on his goals, unless such a man wants to be poor forever. If a man wants to be rich there is a stage he has to pass. And if he can pass that stage of working hard, putting himself out there to be comfortable, at least he can now go there and find a relationship.

Nancy Isime Boyfriend
Nancy Isime craves for a diligent boyfriend

According to her, such a man does not need to evenĀ  need to go out there to search for girls as they will come for him, that way he can start making his own choice. But if a man chasing girls up and down all in the name of “I am broke, please love me”. Nancy Isime said she can’t date a man who is broke. She doesn’t think it is necessary or even worth it.

She revealed that she can only date a man who is ambitious, focused and hardworking. She believes a man cannot be hardworking and jobless as she has worked too hard to sit down with a man who is jobless. She wants to date a man who inspires her to be better but when a man is jobless and calling her phone 24/7, Nancy has a problem with that. Nancy Isime marriage.