Mbaise Herbs, History, Bride Price, Culture and their Map

Mbaise Herbs

Mbaise Herbs

Mbaise Herbs. Mbaise is a wonderful place to be. Known for it’s hospitality and herbs, Mbaise, before the advent of European adventurers into Nigeria were engaged with subsistence agriculture.

Aju Mbaise
Aju Mbaise is gaining prominence in the medicine world

Even though the people of Mbaise place a high premium on education, they still engage in their farm work, at for those in the rural areas. In this article, we will be talking about some of the herbs that can be found in Mbaise land, their functions in the body and how they can be applied. Enjoy!

Aju Mbaise

This herb is used to reduce belly fat of nursing mothers. It is a local anti biotic that could help a purging individual cleanse his stomach. Aju Mbaise is also used to make pepper soup.

Mbaise Herbs
Aju Mbaise is a herb that has grown in popularity


 Scent Leaf (Nchañwú)

Scent Leaf (Nchañwú) is a plant that used for flavoring pepper soup and it can also be used to cure running stomach.

Scent Leaf
Scent Leaf: An Mbaise herb which medicinal


Njànjá is a herb used as spice in food. It is also used to flavour and garnish food. It also has it’s own healing applications.

Alligator Leaf (Osé Ójí)

Osé Ójí is used to cook pepper soup for a nursing mother. This herb is medicinal.

Alligator Leaf
Alligator Leaf is very useful


This herb is used to cure stomach ache. Utází is used to prepare pepper soup and to make African salad.

Bitter Leaf (Olúgbù)

As the name is so the taste, bitter. Bitter Leaf is a very important herb in Igbo land not only in Mbaise. This effective plant is used for regulating blood sugar in the human body. It is also used to cook soup using melon seed (Egusi). Olúgbù also finds application as local medicine for stomach ache.

Uziza Leaf

The scent of this particular herb is unique in it’s own way. Because of it’s glamorous aroma, it is used in preparing pepper soup. Uziza is also used for nursing mothers. This herb has insecticidal and medicinal benefits. It contains carbohydrates, protein, steroids, tannins and phenolic compounds and many other important chemicals for the body.

Ginger (Osé Alá)

Ginger (Osé Alá) is very medicinal. Of it’s many health benefits is relieve from loss of appetite, pain, motion sickness and pain.

Mbaise Herbs
Mbaise Herb: Ginger finds application in a wide variety of medicines for treating various ailments

It is also used to make a large variety of savory recipes.

 Mbaise History

Mbaise is a combination of different indigenous, aboriginal clans linked by intermarriage. The strange thing about Mbaise is that it is the most densely populated location in West Africa.

Mbaise History
Genevieve Nnaji, a proud daughter of Mbaise has made a mark in Nollywood

A vast majority of Mbaise sons and daughters have made remarkable achievements across a whole spectrum of their careers. In the acting world, they have Genevieve Nnaji, Kanayo O. Kanayo, Eucharia Anunobi, Chidi Chikere, Phina Peters, Rita Dominic Nwaturuocha and Okey Bakassi just to mention but a few. Mbaise Herbs.

Mbaise Bride Price

Mbaise bride price has been a subject of heated debate. Most people have accused the Mbaise people of having an exorbitant bride price. Depending on the part of Mbaise where you intend to marry from, the bride price varies from kindred to kindred.

Mbaise Culture
Rita Dominic is from a Mbaise royal family. She hails from the Nwaturuocha family.

For example in Umuada village in Aboh Mbaise, a man who has no express cash to pay for the bride price of his wife to be could still be given the woman to marry after fulfilling some basic requirements as intended by the bride’s family and her father’s kinsmen.

Mbaise Culture

Key features of their history include:

1. Richness in their culture of music and dance for specific occasions

2. Mbaise people place a high premium on education

3. High fecundity amongst Mbaise women called “Egwu Ukwu”.

Mbaise Map

Mbaise is located as a regional area around Owerri Zonal Area. Mbaise is situated in the heart of Igboland.

Mbaise Map
Mbaise Map: Mbaise is located along Owerri Zonal area

It comprises of towns and cities. “Mbaise” is named from five clans namely Oke Uvuru, Ezi na Ihite, Ahiara, Agbaja and Ekwereazu.