Laurie Idahosa’s Biography, Instagram, Blog and her inspiring Testimony

Laurie Idahosa Biography

Laurie Idahosa Biography 

Laurie Idahosa Biography. She was born on the 21st of October 1974 in Delaware, USA. Her father is Dr Gary Whetstone, founder and senior pastor of Victory Christian Fellowship. Dr Gary Whetstone was mentored by the late Bishop Benson Idahosa.

Laurie Idahosa
One Big Family: Laurie Idahosa and her family

Laurie has been to over 40 nations with renowned ministries. She is married to Bishop Faith Emmanuel Idahosa. The couple first met in 1987, got engaged in 2001 and tied the knot in 2002.

Bishop Feb Idahosa
Laurie and her husband Bishop Feb Idahosa on their wedding day

She is a graduate of School of Biblical Studies and School of Ministerial Training, Delaware. She also has a Bachelors in Christian Ministry. Laurie has undergone training as a First Aid and CPR Instructor, Missionary, Disaster Relief Respondent and Emergency Medical Technician.

Laurie is fluent in English, Pidgin and Spanish. She is the founder of Nathan American Academy (NAA) in Benin City. She has led campaigns to raise funds and relief materials to assist Internally Displaced Children.

Laurie Idahosa Instagram

Laurie Idahosa runs an Instagram account with username @idahosalaurie. She has 80.6k followers, 5,937 following and has made a total of 3,543.

Laurie shares inspirational pictures, tiny details about her personal life and her events on Instagram. I do follow her on Instagram and she is just awesome. Her posts mirror healthy christian living and motivation.

Laurie Idahosa Blog  

Laurie Idahosa blog is a platform where she shares nuggets strengthening one’s Christian faith, building beautiful and successful relationships and inspiring growth. Laurie Idahosa Biography.

Laurie Idahosa
Grateful: Laurie Idahosa on her birthday

Put it all together, her blog give hope to people.

The blog ( was developed by Urbane Consulting. The Laurie Idahosa blog is also available in Google Play Store for Android users.

Laurie Idahosa Testimony

Laurie and her husband, Bishop Feb Idahosa have had four children – Benson (2007, late), Feb Junior (2008), Nathaniel (2011) and Judah (2013).

As she revealed in an interview, the journey to conceiving these children (all boys) was not pleasant.

Laurie got married to Bishop Feb at the age of 28, she couldn’t wait to have a baby. She wanted so badly to carry his child.

Laurie Idahosa
Love: Laurie and Feb Idahosa kiss

After the first year of her marriage and there was no pregnancy, she urged her husband that they should go for a fertility test. He thought it was absurd but to pacify her, they went together all the same.

After all the tests, the result was devastating of sort as the doctor blunlly told Laurie and her husband that they were both 99.9% infertile and could never have children without In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

The couple undertook the IVF journey gathering the financial resources from the investments they made before marriage and began the treatment.

After forfeiting $25,000, injections, surgery and many other gory tales that ought no to be written, the embryo transfer was made. A fortnight later, they went back to check if she was pregnant but she wasn’t .

They repeated this process many times without any success. In fact the more treatment she did, the more puffier her stomach became.

Laurie and her husband decided to find another hospital after four failed IVF attempts. They opted for New York Presbyterian Hospital located at Cornell University because of the hospital’s statistical track record of better outcomes. This time, they succeeded.

Finally she was pregnant and she treated the pregnancy with delicacy and even refused to travel back to Nigeria even though they were based in Nigeria.

She followed every instruction religiously and attended every doctor visit. She eventually delivered a handsome baby boy after a long labour and going through caesarian section.

Early the next morning a nurse in the hospital told them to come and see the baby who was having difficulty breathing and maintaining a blood pressure. Unfortunately, the baby christened Benson Idahosa III died after living for only 12 hours. The baby was eventually buried in July 9th 2007.

In the burial service, Bishop David Huskins prophesied over couple saying “a year from that day God is going to give the family a reason to rejoice”. Laurie and her husband returned to Nigeria with empty arms full of prophetic promises and hope.

Since they could not attempt IVF for another according to the doctor’s advise, The couple returned to their normal life and embarked on a project that had been bithed in their spirit by God in the cause of their travail; to establish a hospital for women and children in Nigeria named Big Ben Children’s Hospital.

Exactly a year after the demise of her first son and Bishop Huskens prophecy, Laurie gave birth to Feb Jr on the 9th of July 2008. Laurie eventually went on to give birth to two children naturally.

Laurie’s Testimony: Feb Jr(10), Nathan(7) and Judah(5)

Prior to her second child’s conception and birth, some doctors had, while acknowledging Feb Jr’s miraculous birth told his parents that “nobody wins a lottery twice” with them stating categorically that Laurie could not conceive agin. Nathan Benson Idahosa was born on the 14th of November 2011.

Man proposes but God disposes. God kept his promises and  answered the couple’s prayer. Their third child and son, Judah Benson Idahosa  was born on the 2nd of January 2013.

Laurie Idahosa Twitter 

Laurie Idahosa is active on Twitter as @IdahosaLaurie. She has 26.7k followers and 11.2k following. Her location is set to Benin City, Nigeria.

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On her profile, she describes herself as wife of @BIUpresident – twitter username of her husband Bishop Faith Emmanuel Benson Idahosa, mother of #IdahosaBoys, Pastor of CGMi Church Unusual, Proprietor of Nathan American Academy (NAA) and Director of Campus Life at Benson Idahosa University.

Laurie Idahosa Facebook

Laurie Idahosa is on Facebook as Laurie Idahosa. She lists her languages as English, Spanish and Pidgin language. Her email is given as