Kingsley Moghalu State of Origin, his 2019 Presidency and his Political Party

Kingsley Moghalu is from which state in Nigeria

Kingsley Moghalu Is From Which State in Nigeria

Kingsley Moghalu is from which state in Nigeria. Kingsley Moghalu is from Anambara State. His hometown is Nnewi, a commercial hub in Anambara State.

Kingsley Moghalu For President

Kingsley Moghalu officially declared to contest for Nigerian presidency at the 2019 General Elections.

He revealed this while addressing the World Press Conference at the Yar’adua Centre, Abuja. He said restructuring is a solution to the problems of Nigeria.

Kingsley Moghalu for president
Resolute: Professor Kingsley Moghalu is vying for the 2019 Nigerian presidency

Professor Kingsley promised to restructure the country for regional prosperity, establish innovative based economy and an effective budget system. Kingsley Moghalu is from which state in Nigeria.

He is contesting under the platform of the Young Progressive Party (YPP). According to him, he chosed the party because the party gave answers to all his questions.

Kingsley Moghalu Party 

Professor Kingsley Moghalu party is Young Progressive Party (YPP). He revealed that he could not join the People’s Democratic Party (PDP)

Kingsley Moghalu party
Kingsley Moghalu Party: Youth Progressive Party (YPP)

and All Progressive Congress (APC) because both parties have blocked the light of hope with umbrellas and swept away the truth.

Kingsley Moghalu Facebook

Professor Kingsley Moghalu runs a Facebook account with username Kingsley Moghalu.

Kingsley Moghalu is from which state in Nigeria
Professor Kingsley Moghalu has promised to reposition Nigeria’s economy if elected

In his profile, describes himself as a Central Banker, Author Entrepreneur, Professor, Nation Builder, Lawyer, Diplomat, Philanthropist and Political Economist.