Clarence Peters Mother, Father, Studio and his Contact

Clarence Peters Mother

Clarence Peters Mother

Clarence Peters mother is Chief Clarion Chukwura. Clarion is a Nigerian actress and humanitarian. She was born on the 24th of July 1964 in Lagos, Nigeria.

She hails from Anambra State and of the four children in her family, she is the only daughter. Clarence Peters is the son she had with Shina Peters.

Clarence Peters Mother
Clarion Chukwurah raised Clarence Peters

Chief Clarion has been active since 1979 till date. She had her nursery and primary school education in Lagos State and then proceeded to Onitsha for her high school education.

She has a degree in Acting and Speech from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University. For her charity work across Africa, she has been recognized as a United Nations Peace Ambassador. She made her claim to fame in the soap opera titled “Mirror In The Sun”.

Some of her movies include:

1. Fiery Force

2. Money Power

3. Farewell To Babylon

4. Yemoja

5. Apaye

6. Remarkable Night

7. Igbotic Love

8. Forbidden Choice

9. Caught In The Act

Her Television Shows include:

1. Mirror In The Sun

2. Delilah

Clarence Peters Father

Clarence Peters father is Shina Peters. His music genre is Nigerian Jújú. He was born on the 30th of May 1958 in Ogun State. He started his music career at a tender age playing with his friends with the name – “Oluwashina and His Twelve Fantastic Brothers”.

He learnt how to play piano on his own and moved on to join Ebenezer Obey’s band before proceeding to join General Prince Adekunle’s band as a guitarist.

General Adekunle’s band played in different hotels across Lagos like Executive Hotel, Western Hotel and Palm Beach Hotel. Shina Peters sometimes acted as lead singer whenever General Adekunle was sick.

Clarence Peters Father
Sir Shina Peters is a Music Icon

When he left General Adekunle, he merged with Segun Adewale, a Juju Maestro form a band called Shina Adewale. However, the pair eventually split after releasing many albums together through the 1980s and Shina Peters then established his own band, “Sir Shina Peters and His International Stars”.

Shina Peters acted in the movie, “Money Power”. The film was produced by Ola Balogun. It was at this time that he met and started a relationship with Nollywood veteran, Clarion Chukwura. They have a son, Clarence Peters.

Shina’s band released their first album titled, Ace. The album was produced by Laolu Skins and it went double platinum. “Ace” was released under CBS Records of Nigeria. The album was a musical fusion of Afrobeat and Juju.

The Afro Juju musical genre blends fast percussive beats using saxophone, electronic keyboard and guitar. Shina Peters became a recipient of many awards on the basis of the album including Album of the Year and Artist of the Year given to him at the Nigerian Music Awards. Till date, he has over 16 albums to his name.

His Discography include:

1. The One 4 Me

2. Splendour

3. Pay Back Time

4. Happy Hour

5. Playmate

6. Reunion

7. Love

8. Kilode

9. My Child

10. Mr President

11. Experience

12. Dancing Time

13. Shinamania

14. Ace “Afro Juju Series 1

15. Sewele

16. Ko Temi Fun MI

17. Money Power

18. Freedom

19. Way To Freedom


Clarence Peters Studio

Clarence Peters is no doubt one of Nigeria’s finest video directors. He is the principal consultant of Capital Dreams Pictures, a multimedia content creation company.

The firm is located at 10 Babatunde Ladega Street, Omole Phase 1, Ikeja. The company also deals in film production.


Clarence Peters Contact

Clarence Peters can be contacted with +2347034249959.

His Twitter: @ClarenceShotIt

His Instagram: @ClarenceShotIt